Gulshan-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Desktop Application Online/Offline

Work more effectively by cutting back on your workload.

Imagine a world where a cutting-edge platform for client engagement revolutionizes the efforts of life science teams and produces measurable results.

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Web Application Cloud Version

Reduce your workload to work more productively.

Imagine a world where life science teams' efforts are revolutionized, producing real outcomes, thanks to a sophisticated client interaction platform.

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Mobile App

Quick & Easy Process for Doctors and Patients

Imagine a scenario where cutting-edge client interaction platforms enable the work of life science teams to be transformed and provide tangible results.

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  • Web Application Cloud Version
  • Desktop Application Online/Offline Version
  • Mobile App for Doctor, Patient and Assistant (Android and iOS)

Application Roles: Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Assistant, Patient

Existing Application how to work:
  • Doctor can register using his credential
  • Doctor can setup his/her profile details
  • Doctor can setup his/her preference
  • Doctor wise multiple theme selection
  • Pad settings
  • Pad header settings
  • Print using pad or without pad
  • Different pad size
  • Pad Header height setup
  • Short dose/long dose preference setup
  • Dictionary setup for big sentences or Bangla language
  • Disease Template setup
  • Quick prescription using predefine disease template
  • Investigation template setup
  • Investigation template using in prescription
  • Treatment template setup
  • Quick treatment insert in prescription from predefined treatment templates
  • Doctor can setup his/her visit fees(New, Report, Follow-up)
  • View todays appointment list from appointment app and print serial maintaining
  • Doctor can select/unselect for company preference setup
  • Investigation preference
  • Drug preference
  • Create/Update patient using auto suggestion
  • Patient quick search
  • Find Patient
  • Today’s patient list
  • After a new doctor provision he/she will get by default many things (Auto Text, Auto List, Templates, Advices)
  • Doctor can create/update his/her All auto list and text dictionary(History, Physical Findings, Advice, Referral, Diagnosis, Important Info, Drug History, Plan, Follow-up, Special Alert)
  • Patient Search by ID, Name, Phone Number
  • View all drug list
  • View all investigation list
  • New Disease template/treatment template/investigation template creation from prescription
  • Drug search criteria and add to prescription using predefined dose
  • Dose change after drug insertion using text dictionary
  • After changing dose set as default dose for future using
  • Special alert feature for patient behavior tagging
  • Print prescription
  • Print Only Investigations
  • Print patient’s money receipt
  • Multiple assistant creation
  • View my todays accounts and print
  • View patient’s Old visit
  • Create new visit using old information’s
  • For any new drugs suggestion send mail to admin
  • Any notification from admin then display in online version
  • Barcode generation in prescription
  • In desktop version, using barcode search patient details
  • Download latest desktop version from Online
  • After Installing desktop version download my all data from cloud
  • Doctor can use desktop version without internet
  • After end of the day or our defined time period doctor can upload local data to cloud
  • Get latest drugs from online
  • Replace local drug database from online
  • Barcode features for desktop version
  • Manually sync local to online and online to local
  • Download Assistant app from google play store
  • Assistant can login to mobile app using his/her credential
  • Assistant can login to online portal using his/her credential
  • Assistant can create/update/search patients
  • Can create new visit
  • Can update patient physical information only
  • Download patient app from google play store
  • Signup using his/her mobile number and other information
  • Search doctors and Make online appointment
  • My Doctors
  • My Family Members
  • My Prescriptions
  • My Health Reports
  • My Appointments
  • My Health Files
  • My Profile
  • Health Coverage
  • Find Ambulance
  • Other Services

Future Development

  • Payment Integration
  • Pharmacy Integration
  • Pharmaceuticals Integration
  • Diagnostic Center Integration
  • Speech to text for drug writting
  • Antibiotic Warning
  • Patient Insurance Coverage
  • AI OCR for Test Report Uploading from Patient App
  • Research related reports for doctors
  • Patient Health Chart