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Improving global health begins with enabling our doctors and patients to achieve remarkable outcomes in the healthcare sector.
We Provide
Smart Connections for Healthcare
In the field of healthcare, there is a plethora of information, insights, stakeholders, and technologies. We assist in linking the most suitable resources to facilitate better decision-making and reveal new possibilities.

Our Honorable Advisors

Prof. Dr. Kamal Ahmed

Medicine specialist & Neurologist

Prof. Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das

Medicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. Uttam Kumar Saha

Medicine specialist & Neurologist

Prof. Dr. Shamima Akhter

Dermatologist & Dermato surgeon
Clinic Figures

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About us

Medilife Solutions

We feel proud as Bangladeshis, We came up first with an effective medical solution in Health Science.

Medilife Solutions providing world class inchember solutions. With this user friendly offline & online based service you can generate a prescription very easily. There will be no more hassle of hand writing. For Bangla & English both language this service supports smoothly through text dictionary.

Not only hand writing, this platform featuring investigation templates, diagnosis templates, drug templates, patient history & lots more exciting user customizable option to save your valuable time.

  • All reports for clients are made simple and easy to understand
  • User- friendly website offers custom settings for each physician
  • We customize panels to meet physician’s needs.
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Our vision

Empowering Individuals, Unifying Health Records: Our vision is to revolutionize health-care by creating a platform that unifies health records for all individuals across the country. We believe that every individual should have access to their own health records, and that this information should be easily accessible and secure.

With our platform, individuals can manage their health records in a single, convenient location. This empowers individuals to take control of their own healthcare and make informed decisions about their health.

Our tag-line: All people in a single umbrella, overall health records in my hand captures our commitment to providing a simple, user-friendly platform that unifies health records for everyone. We believe that our platform has the potential to transform the healthcare industry, by making it easier for individuals to manage their health records and for healthcare providers to access accurate, up-to-date information.

We are committed to working with health-care providers and organizations across the country to make our platform accessible to all individuals. We believe that by empowering individuals and unifying health records, we can create a healthier, more connected society.

Our Leadership Team

Sheikh Aminur Rahman


Isahaque Miah

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Kamal Ahmed


Sheikh Monayem Siddique


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Harness the power to transform clinical development.

Clinical development can be transformed by combining data, technology, and analytics in a smart way. The goal is to optimize trials and make the process faster and less risky. The outcome is a quicker delivery of innovative treatments that can have a significant impact on people's lives.

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Real Doctor evidence. Real confidence. Real results.

Generating and sharing accurate and relevant medical evidence to fulfill the requirements of stakeholders with confidence.

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See markets more clearly and opportunities more often.

Combining sophisticated analytics, valuable insights, and extensive healthcare knowledge to create technology-powered solutions that give your brand a competitive advantage through precision, speed, and broad reach.

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Intelligence that transforms life sciences end-to-end.

Your roadmap to a healthier world lies in the intelligent integration of data, technology, and services.

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Dedicated to your success.

Discover smart and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs in clinical development, evidence generation, and commercial implementation to maximize the value of your asset.

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Desktop Application Online/Offline

Work more effectively by cutting back on your workload.

Imagine a world where a cutting-edge platform for client engagement revolutionizes the efforts of life science teams and produces measurable results.

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Web Application Cloud Version

Reduce your workload to work more productively.

Imagine a world where life science teams' efforts are revolutionized, producing real outcomes, thanks to a sophisticated client interaction platform.

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Mobile App

Quick & Easy Process for Doctors and Patients

Imagine a scenario where cutting-edge client interaction platforms enable the work of life science teams to be transformed and provide tangible results.

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Our Doctor Says

Prof. Dr. Kamal Ahmed
– Northeast Medical, Professor
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Prof. Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das
Northeast Medical, Professor
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